Impromptu attempts to fly causes setbacks

So I did a little research and I found out why the wire was getting hot enough to melt the thermistor wire to it. Turns out that the wires inside the tubing were not connecting causing an arc to happen. I realized that I was far more lucky than I thought I was. I really could have started a big fire, because I was starting a print and then leaving for a while for either class or something else.

Super lucky!!!

This week I got all the parts for the rotational caster ordered, printed and received. I also got the wood for the device all cut. Although, I forgot to measure some of the pieces so they were too short so I had to recut them.

I had a minor set back when I took a tumble down a flight of stairs and did a bit of damage to my person. I didn’t break anything, but I am rather sore and really bruised all down one side of my body. OUCH!!! I was laid up for a couple days too hurt to move. I am a little better now, but I am still sore whenever I move.

I have a final piece for casting printed. And the mould making material as well as the casting material should be ordered soon. Just waiting on that to be done. Starting Monday assembly of the rotational caster will commence… Barring any more flights of fancy down some stairs.

Sorry, no pictures this week. Unless you want to see some super grisly bruises.


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